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I am excited to become part of this Joyful Cacophony and eager that the spirit engendered by my fellow writers will keep me an active contributor of my thoughts, words and ideas!

On the dented rear bumper of my little blue car, there is a sticker that says, “Well-behaved women seldom make history.” This quote is attributed to a woman named Laurel Thatcher Ulrich, who wrote it in an obscure article as a graduate student in the 1970s. By chance, the quote became a slogan and caused Ulrich to author a book of woman’s history by the same title, sparking a renaissance in the study of history.

In a similar way, that bumper sticker quote has caused me to start my own renaissance – a renewal or rebirth of a culture and learning. Now more than ever, I seek to challenge the status quo and “the way things have always been done” (one of the signs of being raised by hippy parents). My hippy parents also homeschooled me and taught me to do things like grow food organically and sort recyclables before being green was even a thing. I lost sight of those values for a few years and tried conform to “society” and become as “normal” as possible. Now I am returning to the knowledge I have always had and discovering, through the people around me and role models who inspire me, that there are much simpler, often better, ways of doing things – ways that could make history and change the world. Pleasantly, by doing so, my friends & family have become my society and I no longer feel the need to conform – I am more ME than I have ever been.

With that, I plan to share my rediscoveries or my new discoveries and my thoughts, feelings and opinions about them on my little soapbox here. I’d welcome your comments and discussion too! I have degrees in nursing and anthropology and hope to become a homebirth nurse-midwife someday. I plan to post on topics such as health & wellness, nutrition, birth & babies (even though I have none!), being environmentally friendly and whatever else catches my eye and inspires me.


5 responses to “Liz’s Bio

  1. I can’t wait to hear what else you have to say. Never stop sharing your experiences! You never know who needs to hear what you have to say!

    • Do you think you could consider writing some posts about being Catholic AND somewhat progressive/liberal/feminist? I feel that you have the insights to show others that even if your faith is somewhat dogmatic, you can still think and feel freely and help ideas evolve within the structure of the religious lens. I’m always fascinated by the Progressive Catholic mindset you and my friend Cara share with me. It would be great to hear you share it on the blog! Just sayin! Peace be with you. ❤

  2. You did an awesome job on the Logo! I am seriously thinking of purchasing the domain and starting an online tarot reading business. Would that be an OK use of this site in addition to our story-telling and experience sharing? I’ll check with Mina and Sara too!

  3. Liz,
    This is a very neat blog. I wish you all the very best. At risk of sounding like an editor of some sort, what would happen if you converted the words “ways that COULD make history and change the world” to “ways that ARE making history and changing the world”? I believe you understand and feel the difference. Did you just feel a tremendous power surge? That power surge can only be unconditional love for all people, all life and all things.
    Looking forward to reading every word here. You are the real deal.
    Thank you,

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