Thought Forms: Seeing Possibility instead of Limitation


In his book Hidden Messages in Water Dr. Masaru Emoto illustrates how water responds to the vibrational frequency of thoughts and words. When water is “infused” with words and thoughts such as “Love” it forms beautiful symmetrical crystals upon freezing. Words/thoughts like “Hate” produce ugly, distorted crystals. A teacher of mine once told me that most people on a day to day basis repeat the same thoughts. Considering we are made up mostly of water, it strikes me as pertinent to pay attention to what thoughts we are having and what form those thoughts have taken on.

After receiving a Tarot guided Reiki treatment, I realized a thought-form I have been carrying. I want to share my experience with this as it affirms struggles along my personal spiritual evolution but also carries and implicit message about what it means to be a spiritual being in a physical body. I hope you find a piece that resonates with you!

It is no surprise to me that my first, second, and third chakras battle imbalance. The reason I know this physically, is because I struggle with stomach and digestive issues as well as menstrual problems. Because my imbalance has manifested on a physical level, I believe it has taken a “physical” catalyst to shift the imbalance. In my case, it was a thought-form. Vessels, containers, barriers, walls…these are thought-forms that describe an ongoing inner dialogue that has led to frustration within me. When I am presented with any of these and it requires an action on my part to deal with them, I become immediately overcome and agitated. I started exploring myself for the reason I have created this reaction and how it may relate to the physical, emotional, and psychological issues I have been experiencing.

The energetic body follows the form of the physical body. The second chakra holds a very dense, powerful energy as it is contained by the thick sacrum and housed within the pelvic bowl. We seem to be created this way for an energetic reason. As life force moves down through the chakras, it slows down significantly when reaching the second chakra. This occurs so that when the energy descends through the first chakra, it does so at a pace that allows us to become grounded as it is then dispersed through our legs and feet and into the earth. Obviously as physical beings, this is important. The second and first chakras have a unique relationship. Their energies overlap so when life force moves back up the body, the second chakra is not only feeding the first, but the first is feeding the second. Because the second chakra is so dense in energy, it retains a lot of the feedback and becomes a powerhouse of energy. When you hear about the ascension of Kundalini energy, it is the breakthrough of the second chakra that causes such an intense phenomenon. The energetic nature of our second chakras is why spiritual masters advice that we work on opening our energetic selves slowly. So, you can imagine the second chakra can become a dragon-like hoarder of energy, stashing away spiritual gold.

For me personally, the second chakra represents my pulsing, vibrant creative energy and the seemingly impossible task of penetrating it as it sits so snug and protected in its little womb. As I reflected on this and my Tarot/Reiki session, I played with the idea of relieving my frustration instead of taking it as my truth. I imagined kicking over the vessels, spilling the insides free. This felt satisfying to me. The more I toyed around with this idea, giving into the possibility of relief instead of frustration, the more my physical, emotional and psychological issues made sense and the more unbounded I became. We always have a choice between settling for limitations and embracing possibility and sometimes the bridge from one to the other is a structure you have created unyielding through thought. Making the choice to cross over just may lead to transformation. In other words: when life hands you lemons, make psychedelic kool-aid!

I would like to thank Kaycie for her lovely guided healing session.

References: Hidden Messages in Water by Dr Masaru Emoto and Inner Bridges, A Guide to Energy Movement and Body Structure by Dr Fritz Frederick Smith.

One response to “Thought Forms: Seeing Possibility instead of Limitation

  1. You are welcome, but WOW, you did all the work! Self healing is an art, I’m so glad you are approaching your challenges in such a creative way! This post inspires and encourages me!!

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