Die Everyday

Everyday I a let a piece of myself die. I surrender to change. I let go of the past the way the snake sheds her skin.I no longer need those dead cells, they clog my pores, they suffocate me, they restrict. I need room to grow, to let the new me shine through.


I want to change my habits. I want to transform my thoughts and ideas. I pull air into my body and I am inspired. I fill my lungs with the fresh air and feel it nourish me, and I accept that I must also exhale what I no longer need. I expire and relax, let go and die just a little more. In child’s pose I feel a sense of security and support and I know that is alright to change, alright to be different today than I was yesterday, alright to accept the constant cycle of death and rebirth without fear or anxiety.


I am not sad when death comes. I do not mourn the ideas, beliefs and dreams of yesterday. I bury them without remorse. I stand in Mountain Pose, greeting the new me with my heart up, chin tilted upward and my eyes softly gazing towards the future. Firmly planted in the present, I am aware that I AM.


I remember feeling bound and constricted by my own skin. I remember feeling afraid of moving forward,  afraid of change. My own beliefs held me in place. I felt helpless and confused. I resisted letting go of beliefs that no longer served my best interests because I was certain that it meant weakness. I identified myself through my thoughts, beliefs, and ideas.  Now I see the strength in walking away. I see strength in changing my views. There is liberation in giving up and admitting “that just does not work for me anymore!” I reject the chains of my Ego and I walk into the darkness with courage and self-assurance. I refuse to play the victim any longer. Awareness is my friend. When I start to feel trapped I immediately begin to purge, cut, claw and tear my way out of my self-imposed cage. I seek clarity and welcome Truth. I will not be bound by false beliefs.


On my yoga mat I find my peace, my balance, my space to let go and receive. It is where I go to shed my skin and leave behind the Ego of yesterday.I am so grateful I found a place to die everyday. I will return again and again. I will continue to learn from myself. because my inner wisdom astounds me. My body amazes me. I will never stop dying. I will never stop growing.




4 responses to “Die Everyday

    • The 8 of Feathers is from the Collective Tarot, a beautiful, highly creative deck given to my by a friend. I used to live in Portland,OR. The deck was designed by a group of over 20 artists in the Portland area with the Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Questioning community in mind.

      Thank you for your comment. This is something that has been on my mind for quite some time. I have been practicing yoga daily since the new year and it is transforming my perspective on life. I also pay attention to the signs given to me by my cards and the relationships in my life. I am astounded at the insights that come to me on a daily basis. I start teaching yoga next week and I’m looking forward to what this experience will teach me about myself, as well as the opportunity to guide others.


  1. How beautiful and how true. Dying every day. Have you watched a movie called: “Tuesdays with Morrie”? Not only is it a beauuuutiful movie, but it teaches so much about being present and not being afraid of dying or getting old because each day we have the opportunity to grow. Isn’t that beautiful? I know you know that, too.

    That baby that’s on its way will be so fortunate to be born from such a wonderful lady like yourself.
    Lots of love.

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