Little Monster in Training

Parenting on is the bphoto (5)est. This “little monster in training” has taught me so much about myself. He is a master  button pusher, and each time he encroaches on a new boundary I find I have the power to patiently and consciously work through it with him. He is a natural comedian, constantly reminding me of the healing power of laughter. He is an expert at letting go and moving on. One minute, he is broken hearted that we have to leave his train set to go change a diaper, and after a couple minutes of crying he has moved on to the next fun, silly, imaginative thing.

Our children are the future. If we teach them to feel their emotions and honor what they feel, they will grow into empathetic, sensitive adults. If we teach them to respect all living things, they will help us usher in a new age of harmony with our beautiful planet. If we teach them to be grateful for all they have and not to covet what others have, they will build a community centered around appreciation and the believe in the natural abundance of this planet. All this is possible, if we teach it.

How do we teach it? We live it. They will emulate how we behave. They are the clearest mirrors available to us. What our children reflect are the results of how we behave, speak, think and feel. If we want to ensure a bright future for our children we must be the change we wish to see in the world right now.

Happy Saturday. Thank you to all the conscious parents out there helping to co-create a beautiful future for our little monsters. They deserve the best we can give them! ❤



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