How Does a Wishing Tree “Work”?


When something “works” it carries out its intended function. Thus, order for a thing to “work” there must first be an intended function, then a belief that if appropriate action is taken that thing will perform that function. Purpose, belief and action are tied together, nothing can really “work” without them.

For example, the function of a car is to take you from point A to point B. In order for the car to perform this function you have the belief that if you turn the key and apply pressure to the gas pedal the vehicle will move and carry you where you intend to go. The car will sit motionless and purposeless until you bring your belief and action together and make it “work” for you.

The wishing tree is the same way. A tree becomes a “wishing tree” when we believe that’s what it is and use it for that purpose. The function of a wishing tree is to provide a sacred place for you to take the symbolic physical action of writing down your wish on a piece of paper. The physical action of writing the wish down is an action step. Adding the wish to the tree where others have placed their wishes amplifies the belief that these wishes can and will come true.  Just by using the tree we are helping one another realize (i.e. bring into reality) our dreams.

It may sound simplistic and fanciful…but think about it. Every thing that human beings have done and created began as an idea or a wish in someone’s mind. Over time people cultivate their ideas and dreams and slowly turn them into a physical reality. The first step is often the hardest, but with a wishing tree we can support one another in taking that first action step.

write it down

If you live in central IL visit the Effingham Wishing Tree the next time you are passing through.

Effingham, IL is located at the cross of I-70 and I-57 . We encourage travelers to stop and use our Wishing Tree as well!

Our tree is still a baby, but someday it will grow into a beautiful, stately old tree. The wish you write today may not come true in your lifetime, but future generations may be able to reap the benefits of your beautiful dreams if only you would take the time to believe and take action today.



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